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  • Business Snapshot

  • What Are We Doing? Website Goals

  • Don’t think just about the website, but also the project as whole, timings, the execution etc.
  • Feel free to also list any sub-menu items. The main menu, is simply the menu of pages at the top of any website
  • This may be different or the same as the previous question, since you may have many more webpages than space in a Main Menu. Please take your time with this, as the total number of pages heavily impacts the investment amount of a website
  • This is the number of pages on your website, not number of websites you need to be built.
  • Website content means: all the words, tables, forms, videos, images etc.
  • Design & Information Architecture

  • E.g. websites that you LOVE the look, functionality, design and/or feel of.
  • Technical Details

  • If someone else, please select "other" and provide the name of the host
  • E.g. do you use Google Suite, Office 365 etc.
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  • Please keep in mind, that we treat your website as a powerful tool to generate you more credibility, more audience reach, more leads, more clients, more revenue or more profit. We virtually set you up so that there will be a some sort of financial return on your website, because it is an investment.
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