Target Audience

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Please take your time to fill out this questionnaire so we can have a greater understanding of your target audience. The more thorough and detailed your answers the better job we can do creating ads that speak to your target audience.

The average amount of time to complete is 15-20mins.

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Target Audience Quiz - BLD

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About Your Business

What is Sales Funnel: What is the sales process from stranger to paying client with you?

Start from how they contact you then each step from them completing the service.

What is your initial offer for someone to become a client?

This would be the first time they have to spend time or money with you. Please add in the price as well.

Point of difference: What makes you different from your competition?

This is ideally something that can't be copied or bought. Why would a prospect choose you over your competitors?

Do you have a unique system or process we can talk about, please explain it.

What’s the “big promise” of your business to your dream clients?

If I had your dream client in the room, what would you say to them to get them to choose you?

What problem does your business solve?

What is the biggest problem you solve for your target audience?