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Dynamic and Engaging Speaking Services to Suit Your Needs

Our marketing consultation services are designed to provide you with the key insights and skills needed to achieve high-impact results. By diving deep into a wide range of topics, we empower you with the strategies and knowledge to drive exceptional growth.


Captivating Presentations

Our presentations focus on providing the latest and most effective digital marketing strategies to inform and inspire your audience. With cutting-edge insights and practical examples, we'll help your attendees gain a deeper understanding of the marketing landscape.


Interactive Workshops

Our workshops combine information and implementation, ensuring that your audience leaves with actionable steps and a clear plan of action. With hands-on activities and expert guidance, attendees will walk away ready to implement the strategies they've learned.


Accelerator Cohorts

We partner with companies running accelerator programs for start-ups and scale-ups looking to leverage the latest growth hacks. Our expertise in digital marketing can help refine and optimise their strategies, ultimately increasing their chances of success in attracting investors.

Discover the Black Lion Digital Difference

By choosing Black Lion Digital as your event speaker, you're providing your audience with the opportunity to learn from an industry-leading expert. Our extensive experience and knowledge in digital marketing will equip them with the skills and insights they need to thrive in the digital world.


At the Forefront of
Industry Changes

We're constantly staying up-to-date with the latest changes in platforms and marketing strategies, ensuring that our presentations are always relevant, informative, and valuable to your audience.


Unmatched Testing
& Validation

We invest thousands of dollars to test and validate what works in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape. Our relentless pursuit of knowledge ensures that your audience receives the most effective strategies and tactics.


Highly Engaging

Our track record of captivating and maintaining audience engagement throughout our presentations means that your attendees will be fully absorbed in the learning experience, maximising their retention and understanding.


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Let's Talk About Your Event – Find the Perfect Fit

Interested in discovering if we're the right fit for your event? Reach out to us for an obligation-free discussion about your goals and expectations, and we'll help you determine if Black Lion Digital is the ideal match for your speaking needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can cover a vast range of topics to suit your event and deliver high value to your audience. Some of the topics we have covered include, social media marketing, optimising your website and conversion rate optimisation, the latest growth hacks and marketing tools, Crafting the perfect offer, complete overview of marketing for specific industries and much more. If we aren’t the right speaker for your event or topic we will point you in the right direction.

Our presentations go for as long as you need. We have done 1 hour presentations to multiple day workshops. Most Mastermind events we have talked at are 90mins long with time for Q&A.

Depending on your goals and topics you want to cover we will tell you a rough amount of time that we need as a minimum to be able to deliver high value content.

For presentations we have done up to 200+ people live and as small as 5 people in a board room.

For workshops it would depend on the amount of time and if people work in teams to implement but typically smaller number of people are better so they can get our full attention.

Most of our presentation are customised for the audience and the goal of the presentation. We look to add hyper relvant examples and case studies to deliver the most amount of value.

This varies depending on the length of the presentation and if travel is involved.

We include all slides for you audience to have digitally along with any templates or digital assets mentioned in the presentation. Typically there is a document with a list of sites and tools we refer to. We also offer for you to record this presentation for future reference or hosting on your own platforms.