Should You Really Blame Your Ads?

You can have great ads but not get leads…

Today I want to highlight an area in your marketing that you may have the wrong idea about.

About 80% of business owners are under the impression that their Facebook ads are the only area to look at if you aren’t generating leads.

This isn’t the case, a huge component of your marketing is your landing page. You can drive people all day every day to your landing page but if it doesn’t convert then you may as well just be driving them off a cliff.

Today I will break down the journey of what typically happens when running a Facebook campaign and each step where you need to influence them to take an action.

Step One – Stop The Scroll!

The first part of the prospect’s journey in becoming a client is we need to get their attention. As they are navigating around one of Facebook or Instagram they will be scrolling through their feed and then your ad will appear.

The most important part here is your media. The first part of influencing your target market is getting their attention.

What we have found to work best is pattern interrupts. Something that is out of the normal or highly specific to them.

We have a previous post about pattern interrupts that we will link in the comments (posting it here will ruin our organic reach).

Step Two – Spark Their Curiosity

Once you have gotten them to stop scrolling the next thing they will do is read your headline or the first 3 lines of your ad. Those 3 lines need to entice them to want to know more. The purpose here is to spark their curiosity while leading into a benefit for them to keep reading.

The main action we want here is for them to click the “see more” or I believe it is about to be changed to “continue reading” button. Once they click this it will open up the rest of the copy you have with your ad.

What we have found works best here is call out your audience and name a behaviour they are doing on a daily basis as a result of a problem they have related to your service.

This will make it feel relevant for them and spark their interest into clicking to read more.

Step Three – Get Them To Commit To The Click

Now they have clicked to read more of your ad the next step we want them to take is to click the link to leave the platform and go to your landing page.

The common mistake a lot of businesses and even marketers make here is that they are trying to sell their product in the copy. Most people aren’t ready to make big commitments right on the platform. You will capture more people by selling them on a landing page or your website.

The main purpose we focus on is to get people to click the link. We still mention pain points and benefits in this section but we want them to discover more on the landing page.

There are many situations that might go against this (ecom, lead form ads, etc.) but for most people looking to get high quality leads for a service business then you are pushing people to a landing page.

In this copy, you want to have the empathy of what their problem is and why this is a problem for them and also introduce that there is a solution to make things better.

You want to have a good mixture of curiosity to learn more and a known benefit that they could have to achieve the desired end state.

There are literally thousands of copywriting formulas but they are some of the main elements you want to have at this step to push people to your landing page

Pro Tip: Add the link to the bottom of your copy, we have found this slightly increases your link click-through rate

Step four – Meet LP, Our 24/7 Salesman

Now your ad has done it’s job. It has taken your prospect form the platform to your landing page.

Think of your landing page as a salesman for your business. They are always working and telling your target audience the message you have given them to get them to take a specific action.

The main purpose of the landing page is to sell them to take the next step. This could be, download something, register their details, book in for a call, etc.

Once your prospect has landed on the landing page they will read the “above the fold” content also known as the “Hero Shot”. This is the section that they first see before they scroll down the page.

The main purpose of the hero shot is to engage them enough to scroll down and read your landing page.

Pro Tip: Make sure this section matches the tone and the design of your ad or branding. This will help people feel that they have landed in the right place.

Once your prospect scrolls down the page you want to relate to them specifically and present your offer. There are many elements that a landing page should have that will help the conversion rate for the page. I will leave that for another post, come back next week haha.

In my opinion, the ad and the landing page are just about 50/50 in responsibility for creating new leads and clients.

You can’t have one working amazing and the other not.

This is what I mean by you can have a great ads but not get any leads. If you are driving traffic into a brick wall then your results are going to look like a car crash.

I recommend before determining your ads aren’t working to review what conversion rate your page is converting at.