How You Can Increase Results In Any Campaign

Facebook has spent millions of dollars on making it as easy as possible to create ads and spend money with them. There are so many businesses out there that have figured out how to create their own campaigns.

The BIG PROBLEM is once they are live, then what?

I hear about the hamster wheel of starting a new campaign again and again trying to get better results.

Instead of starting new campaigns (which is a huge mistake on its own) look to optimise your campaigns. The more data you can feed into a campaign the better it will perform.

Today I will outline a few of the specific parts of your campaign that if you optimise them your campaign will likely get better results.

For those who don’t want to read through here is the list,

– Offer

– Ad Media & Copy

– Targeting

– Landing Page

Let’s start with the biggest cog that you can optimise to make the biggest difference, your offer.

Your Offer

Your campaign is only as strong as your offer. If you find your marketing is never getting amazing results then I would review your offer. Even if you can drive a huge amount of qualified traffic to a well designed and written landing page, you could be throwing good people into a brick wall.

I suggest looking at how to make your offer more irresistible. Here are a couple of suggestions on how to make your offer more irresistible.

Look at ways to make it different from other offers, how you can deliver more value to your target audience if you can reverse the risk by adding in guarantees.

Making your offer more attractive will increase your metrics and results in overall levels.

We have a checklist to “15 elements to Creating an Irresistible Offer” if you would like the PDF to use for your own marketing, Click Here to download it.

Next leverage point is your ad. Specifically your ad media and copy.

Ad Media & Copy

The purpose of an ad is not to sell your product or service but is to get people to click through. If you have a poor link click-through rate then this is where I would start.

Think about your ad media to be the main factor of what stops people scrolling past your ad. You want it to be eye-catching and engaging. We have a post on our FB page around pattern interrupts if you want to learn how to beat the super scroll then click here.

Once people stop to view your media the very next thing they will look at is your copy, your headline. The objective of the next 3-5 lines is to get them to click see more. Having sentences that have a good mixture of curiosity and benefit will work well. The following copy is influencing them to click through to the link in the ad.

Media = stop them strolling and start them reading

The headline at top of ad = Get them to click see more

Body of the copy under see more = influence them to click through to the landing page

If you can drive more people to your landing page or website then you are likely to have more leads and sales.

Now for the area Black Lion Digital excels in, targeting.


I am pretty comfortable to say that out of every business no matter how specific your audience is, we know a way to target them specifically. We have ways that most agencies don’t because we put the research into finding them. Why did we spend this time? Because it can make a huge difference if you are talking to the right people.

Even if you had the best offer and the best ad, if the right audience doesn’t see it then it will die very quickly.

Review who you are targeting and first look to see if it is too broad. If you are targeting demographic and interests then try and find some that are more specific rather than broad. A tool we use is Interest Explorer, check it out you will be able to find the hidden interest that most people are marketing to which will give you a lower cost in the auction and more specific audience you’re targeting.

Finally, Your landing page.

Landing Page

If you are directing traffic straight to your home page then odds are you have a leaky bucket with huge holes in it. Most businesses home pages aren’t optimised for conversions, most don’t have an initial offer on them for people to get started. You will get an immediate increase if you have a web page specific to what you’re talking about in your ad. Create a page for the offer you’re talking about and who you are talking to.

A few things to add to the page to increase conversion rates,

Credibility – Add in testimonials, awards, trust seals, etc

The process to get started – Outline the 3 steps to get started to give people clarity on what happens next

Empathy for their pain points – Show them you can relate to them and understand what they are going through. Make them feel like they are in the right place and talking to the right people

Stack the value of your solution – Talk about all the benefits, not the features. How will this change their lives after they have purchased your product or service?

Your landing page is the salesman in this whole campaign. If it is not convincing people to take action then you might get a few conversions of the people who were in demand right now but you won’t convert enough to have a successful campaign.

All industries are different but aim for a 10-20% conversion rate of people who land on the page and take an action.

There are other ways to optimise your campaigns but I feel these are some of the most important to begin with and will make the greatest impact on your return on investment.

Don’t fall into the trap of continuously starting a new campaign every month or other week. Optimise what you have and start to get consistent and bigger results from your investment into your marketing. If you would like us to review your campaign to give you confidence then contact us today and we can have a free chat on the phone.