Frequently Asked Questions

Most Asked Questions Around Marketing

We offer a wide range of services that are related to driving tangible results. We aim to partner with businesses in a holistic capacity. You can see our full list of our services here.

Here is a short list

  • Social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok)
  • Google AdWords
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website design & development
  • Funnel creation
  • Consultation
  • Email marketing

We have generated results for a wide range of industries. The industries that we thrive in are construction, solar, real estate, coaches, ecommerce and online courses.

Yes, we have multiple marketing case studies that you see on our portfolio here along with video testimonials of our clients talking about their experience.

When we engage with a business we determine what the goal is and highlight the success metrics that lead to that result. These would typically be, No. of new client, leads, appointments booked and purchases. We don’t consider impressions, reach, likes and comments to be a success metrics. These are vanity metrics that might feel good but don’t directly grow your business.

Yes, One of our cores values is integrity so If we aren’t 100% confident we can beat your expectations and hit your goals, then we don’t work with you.

“In a industry that feels like a bunch of "used car salesmen" Black Lion were the few that actually declined my business because they couldn't help to their maximum potential. Unheard of! They referred me to another specialist. If you're a business owner that wants the facts and no bs.... Give them a call.”

No, we aren’t the right fit for startups or new businesses. We are a high performing agency that generates accelerated growth. Most startups and new businesses don’t have the operational capacity to keep up with the amount of results we deliver. This typically results in an overwhelmed sales team or completely breaking operations.

No, we believe in complete transparency and create everything in the client’s account that we gain access to. We recommend never letting another agency own any of your marketing assets.

Yes. We highly recommend having a website as this is crucial piece of your online presence but our results don’t rely on your website. We create specific web pages for our campaigns that are highly optimised to deliver results.

No, everything we do is completed by a full time Black Lion Digital employee. Unless there are special circumstances where a contractor would be more skilled (special coding for web pages or AR), we don’t outsource your marketing. We assign a dedicated marketing consultant to every business we partner with who you have monthly Zoom or in person meetings with.

Yes, but not right from the start. This is a paid on performance model which we are open to once we have an established relationship with our clients. This can look like paid per lead, purchase, % of revenue, % of profit or a mixture of the above. We look to build trust first and then talk about this.

Most Asked Questions Around Website Design & Development

We believe that a website is an investment that delivers a return not a cost. We also understand that every business has a budget and needs.

Because a website can range from 1 page to hundreds we can’t give you a price. Everything we do is custom designed to deliver the best result for your business.

If you are looking for a cheap, templated website that will need to be replaced in a couple of years then we aren’t the right fit.

If you want to create an online asset that not just looks amazing but generates more revenue for your business, then we are the partner.

There is no straight answer to this as it depends on how big the website is.

To give you a guide for our team to write, design, develop and test a new website from scratch it is roughly 10-12 weeks.

You can pay extra for express but is still limited to maintain the quality of the result.

Here is a brief description of the stages of building you a new website from scratch

  • Kick-Off meeting - This is where your web team will get to know the business and outcomes of the project
  • Design Mock-Ups - Our graphic designers will create mock-ups of the web pages for you to give us your feedback
  • Copy - Either supplied by you or written by our talented copywriting team is created and added to the designs
  • Development - Once design and copy is approved we build your website on a staging platform and send for final approval
  • Testing and optmisations - We make any final changes and take the website live and complete our post live checks for optimal performance
  • Training - We deliver a training session on how to maintain your website. We are always here to help but you aren’t handcuffed to a custom coded site that you have to pay to make even small changes.

70-80% of visitors to your website will be on a mobile device. We always make sure every website is responsive for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Yes. We can offer really fast hosting and have web care plans if you need someone to maintain your website.

We also have a free 60 day warranty included in every website we build to give you peace of mind.

Yes, visit our portfolio page here.

Yes, We don’t create template websites. We learn and understand what your business needs and build the ideal result for your business.

We approach every website with the following approach to ensure that your SEO standings will only improve after you create a new website.

  • Keyword research: We conduct thorough keyword research to understand the relevant keywords and phrases related to your business and target audience.
  • On-page optimisation: We optimise the content and structure of your website to align with your target keywords, including titles, meta descriptions, headers, and images.
  • Technical SEO: We ensure your website is technically sound to make it easy for search engines to crawl and index your pages.
  • Content creation: We help create high-quality, engaging, and informative content that's optimised for your target keywords

If SEO is highly important to you, ask about our ongoing SEO packages to pair with the website.

We split the website into 2 payments. 50% before we start the project and 50% just before it goes live.

Yes. Once the website goes live we enable our 60 day warranty. This means we will fix any technical issues with the website besides you going in and purposely breaking it.


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